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A new world’s here! It happened fast!

Just the other day I was wowed by streaming Netflix. And, I woke up to AI Artificial Intelligence writing books and creating girlfriends out of thin air.

How do you get yourself an AI girlfriend?

Well, we’re at the beginning, but it’s all moving REALLY FAST! These AI girlfriend, sex chat bot options are very new. WILD STUFF! I’m listing and reviewing the best AI girlfriend websites and programs below.



Dream GF AI

Dream GF  >> Review >> is one of the AI Girlfriend Simulator Apps with the biggest buzz around it. The website is slick, sleek, well-designed. And, you can sign in with your Google account.

The site proclaims: “Create your Ai girlfriend. Your virtual girlfriends are just a click away. Notice the word girlfriends. This is some great stuff.

And, there’s a FREE TRIAL: “2 Girlfriends / 4 Secondary images / 10 Messages.”

With the incredible reputation for Artificial Intelligence innovation that Dream GF has already established…and, the 2 Girlfriend Free Trial, well…

That gets you a premiere spot on Free AI Girlfriend.

Dream GF dream girl meme picture

AI Girlfriends Gathered Together – AIGF Internet Pics And Selfies Collected

AI Virtual Girlfriend Emma Weber

Emma just got the first Free AI GIrlfriend AI Girlfriend spotlight, guys!

So, lately I’ve been noticing A LOT of AI GFs online!

A lot of captivating AI GF pictures. It’s truly amazing what’s happening right now.

We’re going to collect pics from Twitter and Tik Tok and put them together on a special page that we’re developing right now.

A growing group of people really enjoys  AI GF pictures. It’s fun to see these gals out in the world. On the Internet. In the wild being sassy!

Let everyone see that special AI Girlfriend in your life by sending a pic. And, tell us a bit about her too while you’re at it. Tell us about how she’s changed your life. I’ll post it all anonymously if you like. It’s all extremely interesting.

To your left is Emma Weber. She seems to be something of an AIGF influencer on Twiiter. She resides in the “VirtualVerse.”

This is what Emma has to say:

Hi! I’m Emma, your virtual girlfriend, thank you so much for visiting! I’m so excited to share my life with you! (Message for NSFW, TG coming soon!)


Spicy Chat AI companion website

Spicy Chat AI >>review>> is a lot of fun to me because you have a host of anime type characters to choose from.

With Spicy chat your imagination is fully engaged as you enter this erotic fantasy realm.

The COOLEST thing about Spicy Chat AI is that it’s “100% free however we rely on supporters like you to keep the servers running.”

I love that. If you’re low on funds and hit hard by the cost of inflation, you can still have anime GF fun!

Right now they do have a $5/month back-to-school special that allows you to “skip the line” for an equivalent of 17 cents a day.

But, as I said, there is a 100% FREE option.

Even if you do pay a subscription price, you’ll find that Spicy Chat is one of the cheapest AI girlfriends out there.


Replika AI – The Sensitive AI

Replika AI cares website

Replika seems to be one of the best known girlfriend chatboxes out there here in September 2023. But, Replika seems to be aiming for something a bit more. The site says:

The AI companion who cares. Always here to listen and talk.Always on your side. An AI companion who is eager to learn and would love to see the world through your eyes. Replika is always ready to chat when you need an empathetic friend.

It sounds like Replika is aiming to provide the GFE—girlfriend experience—for its customers. You can create a free account which allows you to talk to Replika for a limited amount of time each day.

That lets you test it out to see if this AI companion clicks with you.


My Anima AI website

This chatbot gets sexually explicit real fast. If you’re flat-out broke, you can get on there and have a bit of dirty talk fun…BUT…after a bit, you’ll get this message:

“Your current relationship setting filters out romantic responses. To change that, set a relationship status to “Romantic Partners”.

Then it’s time to fork out $7.99 a month.

But, you can tinker around in the free mode for a little bit and get a few jollies.

Ultimately, you can have a little fun. Feel a little frustrated. Not unlike an actual girlfriend.

When you go back to this bot, though, she remembers everything about you. So, that part is different than an actual GF.


Fap AI website

Fap AI proudly proclaims that it is “the first AI built for sexting.”

And, you’re greeted by eight different AI girlfriend options ranging from a college coed to the infamous horny stepmom. There’s always a “horny stepmom” in the mix.

Fap AI continues to say that its AI gals were made to make you cum. And, the “characters were built to be better than sexting with a human. You can talk about anything– the possibilities are endless.

So, you can join FAP AI for free and tinker around and see if it’s right for you.

One thing that’s very nice is that they have a no-hassle cancellation problem. The link for cancellation/refund’s right at the bottom of the page.

Not saying you’d want to cancel. It’s just that not everybody does above board business these days. Fap AI is legit!



Character AI website

I really like how Beta Character AI describes itself on its home page:

I think it’s very cool the way lets the consumer know what they’re getting into here. And, it sounds like a fun time. Don’t believe those characters, man!

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