Android and Apple AI Girlfriends

Let’s talk today about Android and Apple AI girlfriends.

Many people are looking for Apple/Android smartphone-based AI GF apps. And, many people want FREE Android and Apple AI girlfriends.

In the AI Girlfriend world simulator world and even the world of straight-up AI Girlfriend porn, we can find some of the >>best free AI Girlfriend apps, trials and test drives if we look around hard enough.

On this page, we’ll sketch out the coolest smartphone AI GF apps with an emphasis on which ones give you a chance to have a FREE AI GF experience. We all want free. And, we know tech companies need to make money. But, with all of the competition and different apps, it’s also fair to expect a free trial of the application before plunking down for a premium membership.

I’d argue that it’s this very competition with a free usage period that ultimately makes for a better product. So, let’s get into it.


Romantic AI

Romantic AI already enjoys a great reputation along with a polished and professional interface. You can also get some free time on there.

In their T+C it says they have a ““Basic”: no-charge program, which provides limited access to the Service.”

That means you get to play around with Romantic AI a bit before deciding if you want to bump it up to Premium.


With over 1,000,000 downloads, you know this AIGF smartphone app is doing something right!

The appeal with Eva is the ability to create your “perfect partner.” You manifest an AI woman who interacts in such a caring way. You could go so far as to say: she really cares about you!

I mean…why shouldn’t we say that? If that’s the impression created through words and deed, let’s just say it’s so.

Very, very popular app with a free and premium version.

PicSo AI

Picso AI is so cool because they’ve made it so damn easy to just hop on and start creating for free.

Yes, of course, there are premium accounts that give you shorter wait times and more benefits, but you can use this app on your Android phone.

Or, you can sign-into it with on your desktop with your Google account. Start typing and immediately generating text to AI imagery of sexy women.

I like this one! You can get it for Android. I’m not surprised it has over 1,000,000 downloads.