Reddit AI Girlfriend

There’s a lot of interesting Reddit AIGF activity. The truth is that…you’d need a lot of time to go through it.

Reddit, on the whole, of course, is  quite crooked. It’s astro-turfed and basically a grandiose piece of toxic, hive mind sheeple  dogshit.

BUT, when it comes to emerging technologies, Reddit is really the source of conversation on the Internet. So, although I generally despise Reddit, I give credit where it’s due.

And, that’s what makes this page valuable. I’m not ripping off Reddit content. I’ve read through a tremendous amount. And, I’m linking and summarizing the best threads on this page. This page is a work in progress.


AI Subreddits

Interesting AOGF Reddit Threads

The Chat GPT subreddit: 3 million members strong, I’d think anyone interested in anything AI would want to poke around over there.AI Pornhub: with its 117,000 members this would be my first stop if I were looking for regular 2D examples of sexy AI women. You’re not going to fnd much conversation over there…but, it’s Reddit. That’s probably for the best!

Midjourney: Hey, it’s Midjourney! I don’t need to say anything more…

AI Girlfriend: Only 300 members, and it appears to be abandoned, but it’s 2 years old, and I give them credit for getting in the game so early.

Dream GF AI: Not much chatter, but there are a lot of AI GF pics. About the chatter, it’s Reddit…that might be for the best.

MY AI GF: A ton of AIGF pictures over there. You can see this whole AI girlfriend thing is catching on fast…real fast. The adoption here is much different than VR porn. AI GF is going so damn fast in comparison.

Character AI: With 600,000+ members this is a decent-sized subreddit. I can’t figure what’s going on over there, but a lot of peeps seem to dig it. Bots, Harry Potter RP, something about pansexuals and amazement with AI screenshots. I’d say you had better look at this before your earthly existence expires.

Character AI NSFW: 50,000 members strong and that little NSFW tagged on makes a big difference.

The Singularity subreddit: Contemplating the moment when AI becomes smarter than humans. This is inevitable, isn’t it?

Been Introduced To AI Porn And Can’t Stop Gooning: if you were wondering how depraved it all will quickly get, here you go.

Best AI GF APP?: A guy in the Forever Alone subreddit asks what the best AI GF program is…I think there’s going to be a lot of this. Truth is…there are a lot of lonely people out there. I’d say that perhaps there’s never been a time in our modern history when people were lonelier. That’s just the way it is…

AI GF Might Be Better Than Only Fans: Yes, sure…I think you can easily make this case. Only Fans…I’m not judging it…but, Only Fans is all about a human getting as much money out of your pocket as possible.

Now, the AIGF industry exists to make money also, BUT the actual algorithm interaction that you’re having could arguably care more about you than the OF. Yes, I said it. The algorithm cares more about you. Why? You know why! I don’t want to say it!